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Getting Started with Pads, Gates, and Textures Collection for Omnisphere
Getting Started with Pads, Gates, and Textures Collection for Omnisphere

Getting Started with Pads, Gates, and Textures Collection for Omnisphere

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Thank you for purchasing Pads + Gates & Textures.

This bundle has been put together to provide a whole range of sounds you can use to add atmosphere and movement to your keys sound. Whether you’re looking to add a massive pad sound to a worship anthem, a beautiful moving texture, or a nice warm pad to use with your piano sound – this bundle will provide you with plenty of options.

These sounds have been some of the primary building blocks over my years of being a part of LIFE Worship UK, playing weekly in our church, on tour, and on albums.

Many of these sounds will work great when layered with your favourite piano or Rhodes sound – or you can use them to enrich the sound of your current set-up.


When you open the Mainstage concert you will see that the bundle has been set-up in three sub sections. These are:

Pads: a range of pads from very aggressive and bright to very subtle and warm. Many of these can be layered with other sounds such as pianos or Rhodes.

Gates: pads with a rhythmic element (make sure to set the BPM under .’Attributes’).

Textures: a range of sounds mostly intended to decorate and add movement to the sound. Most of these are not so much played in chords – but more as melodies or sustained notes.


The bundle has been put together to allow for quick editing of sounds and levels. The primary controls are as below:

MSTR VOL: controls the overall output level
MSTR EQ: acts as a low-pass filter across the entire mix. Useful for making the entire sound darker or brighter.
SHIM VOL: controls the level of the shimmer busses
RVB VOL: controls the level of the reverb buss
Sliders: allow you to adjust volumes of individual channel strips within a patch
Previous & Next: to navigate between patches
Modwheel: will usually control the low-pass filter or balance of sounds
This concert has been prepared for a Native Instruments A61 controller, but you can use ‘Layout view’ to assign these controllers to your specific controller.

Other Notes

  • The majority of this concert works on a native Mainstage install. However, for some sounds you will require additional plug-ins. You can see this by abbreviations behind the patch titles. See below for a list of what these mean:

VAL: Valhalla Shimmer is required
OMNI: Omnisphere is required
KICKSTART: Kickstart (

  • Every patch has some notes assigned to it within the concert. These will give you some tips on the controllers and how to make them sound best, as well as references to some LIFE Worship UK songs where they may have been used.

  • Some of the patches have a low-cut that may be useful when playing live (to not clutter the low and low-mids too much). If you plan on using the sound in a different context you could consider to disable the low-cut(s) through the EQ on the channel strips.

  • You can experiment with the various sounds by combining channel strips from different patches – why not combine a texture sound with a pad sound!?


After purchasing the bundle you'll want to follow these installation instructions.

Download the .zip folder from your account page.

You’ll have one file called ‘Worship Pads, Gates & Texures Collection - Sem Schaap’. This will load the entire concert with all its busses and assignments. If you would rather use individual patches you can find these in the ‘Individual Patches’ folder, but keep in mind that not all assignments for controllers and busses may be imported correctly.

Most Omnisphere sounds should work right away since they use the factory samples, but as a safety measure I’ve exported the Omnisphere sounds used as a .omnisphere file. To install this, open Omnisphere and go to ‘Utility’ > ‘Install .Omnisphere’ and navigate to the Omnisphere folder from the bundle folder.

The best way to experience the sounds is to open the ‘Worship Pads, Gates & Texures Collection’ Concert. Enjoy playing and make great sounds!

Thanks for purchasing!

"I hope you will love using these patches as much as I do, and I hope that they will enable you to support the worship in your church or band to an even greater level!"

– Sem Schaap.

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