Getting Started with Pads & Plucks for MainStage

Getting Started with Pads & Plucks for MainStage

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Thanks for purchasing Pads & Plucks.

Pads and plucks is a collection of stunning synth sounds by Tim Gosden. This bundle was created for use in Mainstage and Logic. This incredible collection of sounds is perfect for creating atmosphere, adding energy, excitement and sparkle to modern worship music.

Not every patch needs 20 reversed guitars and pitched shifted angel voices; these sounds are designed to cover what you really need to play modern worship music. Some of the patches are simple, but incredibly effective. From shimmer pads to gentle sound beds, washed out Juno sounds to EDM stabs, you can cover a huge amount of ground with this awesome bundle.

Included in the bundle:

18 Pads

8 Plucks

To get started:

  • Open the Pads and Plucks MainStage concert

  • In the "Layout" tab, be sure to assign the keyboard to your MIDI controller, as well as your sustain pedal

  • If you have assignable knobs, feel free to assign each individual parameter as best suits your application

  • Return to the "Edit" or "Performance" view, and enjoy!

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