Getting Started with Organic Textures for MainStage

Getting Started with Organic Textures for MainStage

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Thank you for purchasing Organic Textures.

Organic textures is a collection of 4 incredibly versatile acoustic instruments. Carefully sampled to find the balance between perfection and realism, these instruments are ideal for acoustic worship, online church services or for your next production.

Alongside the instruments are some incredible FX, which compliment the sound perfectly, taking these organic sounds into new soundscapes. Using the filter, shimmer, reverb and delay you can morph between arps, pads and everything in between. These inspiring sounds are great for layering with a piano, layering with themselves or just using on their own.

Included in the bundle:

  • 4 fully mapped Stage Ready patches

  • Logic/Mainstage Sampler Instruments

  • Logic/Mainstage FX CSTs

To get started:

  • open the Organic Textures MainStage concert

  • in the "Layout" tab, be sure to assign the keyboard to your MIDI controller, as well as your sustain pedal

  • If you have assignable knobs, feel free to assign each individual parameter as best suits your application

  • Return to the "Edit" or "Performance" view, and enjoy!

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