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Getting Started with Saturn Stage 3

Learn how to install and get the most out of the patches

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Thank you for purchasing Saturn Stage 3.

With Saturn: Stage 3, you don’t need to be a technical genius, these patches will unlock your creativity and allow you to stay focussed on playing and worshipping. This bundle gives you 14 stage and studio ready patches, each one creating a different atmosphere or taking you into a new sonic world. These patches release the potential of the Nord Stage 3, taking full use of the sample engine, synth engine ,effects, LFOs, filters and arpeggiators. Using the morph function allows you to take control of the layers making it easy to fit in the mix or stand out.


  1. Connect your Nord Stage 3 to your Mac or PC via USB

  2. Ensure your Nord is running the latest firmware (Currently 2.54 -

  3. Go to the “Sample Lib” tab and drag the .nsmp3 files into the window, this will copy the custom samples onto your Nord

  4. Once this is completed, go to the “Program” and drag the .ns3f files into the window, this will copy the starter presets for each sound onto your Nord

  5. Choose one of the patches on your Nord and start to play!

Walkthrough and Patch Explanations


  • These patches feature exclusive sample content developed specifically for this bundle

  • The patches take use of both Panel A and Panel B. They are currently routed for a stereo output, however you can take use of the additional outputs to split sounds if you wish

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