Getting Started with Ultimate Ambient Pad Collection

Learn how to install and get the most out of your new patches

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Thanks for purchasing Ultimate Ambient Pad Collection!


In order to install Red Essentials, you will need the following:

-a PC or a Mac

-a USB Cable

-a Nord Stage 3 running the most recent OS (1.44 or better)

You will need to download and install the Nord Sound Manager Version 7.32 for your PC or Mac. Additionally, if you use a PC, you will need the Clavia USB Driver v3.02 installed for windows to be able to communicate with your Stage 3. You can download it here (

You have two options of installation via the Sound Manager, you can install via Bundles, or your can install the programs and the samples manually. I will explain the difference and who these options are best for.


A Bundle is a single file that includes all the elements you will need to make the patch fully functional. This includes the same piano sample, synth sample, and all the program settings in one single file. This is great for people who do not want to download additional samples from Nord’s sample library. If you own a Stage 3, this will be the fastest option. Additionally, you can install via 3 bundle files all of Red Essentials for a fast and easy setup.

Before installing, please check your memory in the sample library's and erase any of the orchestral samples you won't be using.

To install bundles, simply open the Nord Sound Manager.

1. Click on the Bundle Down icon

2. Locate the Ultimate Ambient Pad Collection folder

3. Select the bundle you wish to install and click open

4. When you are prompted, click “Replace the content in Bank” and choose a bank and program number

5. Thats it!

If you already have the right piano or synth sample installed, it will not install it again.

NOTE: I suggest replacing sounds in Bank D. The reason is that this bank is a copy of Bank A and you will already have a backup there. You are still free to install in any bank you wish, but don’t blame me if you miss the stock patch. You’ve been warned…

You will not need to install via Programs as the new patches use the built in samples for most of the patches on the pianos.

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