Thank you for purchasing Instrumental Process Soundbeds.

For this bundle, I created 12 unique ambient songs, one in every key. I wanted to create soundscapes that would help give motion and space for communication, prayer, and contemplation. They can be used underneath a spoken communication, a score to a video, or just background music for your office or lobby.

Instrumental Process Soundbeds are 10 minutes long each, and available as WAV stems as well as in Playback. Explore how you fill sonic space by adjusting the levels of each stem. This bundle is made up of 12 soundbeds, each recorded specifically for the corresponding key.

By purchasing this product you are purchasing the right to use these soundbeds 100% royalty free.

NOTE: This bundle will appear in the "Pads" section of your Playback library.

WAV Stem Folders: contains exports of each key's song stems for use on anything from a phone to the DAW of your choosing .

Feel free to loop each Soundbed in your DAW or Playback to achieve the length you need for your setting.


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