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Getting Started with Soundbeds by David Andrew
Getting Started with Soundbeds by David Andrew

Getting Started with Soundbeds by David Andrew

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Thank you for purchasing soundbeds from

These Soundbeds were put together to provide churches with the option to add the right atmosphere to messages and moments. No matter your team size, genre, or setting, these are a perfect way to underscore a multitude of moments in your services.

Besides being able to serve as bedding music, these soundbeds can also be useful for reflection or devotional time, or as a bed under visual content and spoken word.

Each song is available in all 12 keys in Playback and as WAV files, so you and your team can choose music that will end (or start) in the right key for worship moments.

By purchasing these soundbeds you are purchasing the right to use them royalty-free!

When you download the Soundbeds archives you will see three main folders:

Midi: the original midi of the piano part in case you wanted to edit a section, amend the tempo, or change the instrumentation.

WAV Stem Folders: exports of the song in all 12 keys for use on anything from a phone to the DAW of your choosing.

Tips & Tricks

A few ideas to make the most of these soundbeds.

Combining all multiple purchased soundbeds in the same key will form a much longer devotional playlist.

Feel free to loop each Soundbed in your DAW or Playback to achieve the length you need for your setting.


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