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Getting Started with Guitar Drones
Getting Started with Guitar Drones

Getting Started with Guitar Drones

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Thank you for purchasing Guitar Drones.

These bundles of ambient guitar drones were recorded to be a useful tool for artists, musicians, and worship leaders no matter what setting. Whether its in a live performance or in a song you’re producing, I think they can be extremely helpful.

I recorded these in such a way to capture the warmth and sonic landscapes that I love about electric guitars using my various delay, reverb, looper and modulation pedals.

There are three sounds available. Tierra being a low and warm sound, Cima being a high a bright sound, and Cielo being a shimmery and wide sound for a bit more energy. This bundle is available via Playback or as downloadable WAV files. All tracks are 10 minutes in length and recorded in all 12 keys. They work with every DAW and you can even play them from your phone.

Use these for transitions in and out of songs. Use them as a constant bed running in every song. Mangle them and use them as an instrument in your song!

My hope is that you are inspired to create something beautiful with them.

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