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Getting Started with Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 for MainStage
Getting Started with Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 for MainStage

Getting Started with Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 for MainStage

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This MainStage bundle captures yet another Classic Nigel Hendroff Shimmer Guitar Ambience. The audio files were also Mixed and Mastered by one of Hillsong's great Mix/Mastering Engineers to give the product a really professional polished sound!

These Ambient Guitar Shimmers can be used in a variety of different ways: As ambient pad drones to fill out a worship song, as a transition tool to bridge gaps between songs or as a soundscaping tool for creating ambient moods.

They are not tempo specific either, so they can be used in any tempo, any time signature and because all 12 Keys have been included, any key. We left the 3rd out of each chord so they work equally as well in Major or Minor keys.

These Guitar Ambiences were recorded in all 12 keys for variety and flexibility.

This bundle ONLY requires MainStage 3.3 or higher and doesn't require any additional software or plugins.


First of all make sure you have downloaded the whole product including the WAV files (Samples). Then open the ‘Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2’ MainStage Concert. Depending on where you have installed the WAV files on your Hard Drive MainStage may prompt you to locate these WAV files the first time you open this MainStage Concert. Once you have located and select these files you’re ready to go!

I suggest backing up your Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 MainStage Concert immediately so that you can always go back to the original version if need be.

Detailed Product Description

This MainStage Template uses 24x 12 minute long wav audio files to create the Ambient Guitar Pads through MainStage’s Playback plugin. Note that each Ambient Pad will last for 12 minutes and then fade out by itself.

There are two different Ambient Guitar Pads that can be mixed together using the Pad Mix knob in MainStage. This mixes between a Low and a High Ambient Guitar Pad.

For more information on how to use this product please check out the walkthrough video here:

Thanks again for your support!

Peter James

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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