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Installing Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2
Installing Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2

Installing Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2

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Thank you for purchasing Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2.

Thanks for purchasing the ‘Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars’ bundle. This bundle captures yet another Classic Nigel Hendroff Shimmer Guitar Ambience. The audio files were also Mixed and Mastered by one of Hillsong's great Mix/Mastering Engineers to give the product a really professional polished sound!

These 12 minute long audio files can be used in a variety of different ways:

As ambient pad drones to fill out a worship song,

As a transition tool to bridge gaps between songs,

A soundscaping tool for live performance.

Because they are not tempo specific, they can be used in any tempo, time signature, and the bundle includes every key. They've been crafted musically to work equally well in songs that are in Major or Minor keys.

These Guitar Ambiences were recorded in all 12 keys for variety and flexibility.

This bundle requires no additional software and can be used in any DAW, or played from your smartphone or any other audio playback device that accepts WAV. It also includes a bonus Ableton Live file with a custom designed Audio Effects Rack to transform the sounds and provide even more sounds for those that do own Ableton.

What's included:

  • 3x WAV or M4A files for all 12 keys (36x WAV or M4A files)

  • Ableton Live Set (.als) with custom Audio Effects Rack

Product Description

There are 3 different audio files for each Key. Low, High and Mix. The High version is a Guitar Ambience an octave above the Low. The Mix version was created by combining both the Low and High Guitar Ambiences.

For more information on how to use this product please check out the walkthrough video here:

Walkthrough Video

Thanks again for your support!

Peter James

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