Thank you for purchasing Background Streaming Music.

This product contains 30 minute Piano, Mellow Piano and Pad performances perfect for use behind preaching or other streaming elements for churches. It also includes a 10 minutes loopable version in Playback in all 12 keys with individual fader controls for each instrument.

As a bonus, it also contains a loopable upbeat Rhodes WAV performance and midi files so you can recreate these perfomances using your favorite sounds! By purchasing this product you are purchasing the right to use these performances 100% Royalty Free!

What's included:

  • 4x WAV files for all 12 keys (Piano, Mellow Piano, Pad & Rhodes)

  • 10 Minute loopable stems in Playback

  • M4A Download Option

  • MIDI files

NOTE: This bundle will appear in the "Pads" section of your Playback library.

For more details check out the overview video below:

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