Getting Started with Ultimate Analog Collection

Getting Started with Ultimate Analog Collection

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Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Analog Collection.

A comprehensive sample library of one of my favorite analog keyboards to date, the Moog Sub 37! The Moog Sub 37 is a Mono keyboard with polyphony of only 2 notes at the very most. But with this MainStage version it opens up the possibility of having Stereo/Polyphonic patches that aren’t possible on the Sub 37 itself. This uniquely designed MainStage template also allows you to have real-time control over ARP/Rhythmic functions, Shimmer Reverb, Sidechain/Pulsing effects etc

This keyboard has been used on many albums and projects of mine over the years including Hillsong United and Hillsong Worship albums.


After downloading the MainStage Concert make sure you also download all the separate Samples as well from the order page dropdown menu as shown below:

Once you have downloaded the MainStage Concert and all of the separate Samples, right mouse click on the Concert and click on ‘Show Package Contents’.

Then locate the ‘Samples’ folder and drop all of the individual unzipped samples folders into this folder so it looks like the screenshot below. After this is completed simply go back and open the MainStage Concert and you are good to go!

Using the Ultimate Analog Collection

Check out the ‘Ultimate Analog Collection Walkthrough Video’ located on the product page for more tricks and tips for using these patches:

For more information on how to import and export these patches to another MainStage Template or Logic X session refer to this video:

NOTE: A lot these patches have tempo specific elements to them as well. So to change the speed of the delays/ARPs etc simply change the tempo in MainStage under ‘Attributes’ for each patch or use the ‘Tap Tempo’.

I had a lot of fun creating these samples and patches, and I’m pleased that I can finally make them available to you.

Have fun and enjoy ☺

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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