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Getting started with Ultimate MainStage Collection 4

Getting started with Ultimate MainStage Collection 4

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Thank you for purchasing Ultimate MainStage Collection 4.

This pack includes 30 MainStage patches and 15 Bonus Expansion Pack Multi Patches for the Complete Worship Bundle and Complete Worship Bundle Plus products available here:

NOTE: Some of these patches are MainStage replicas of my Omnisphere presets found in the ‘Analog Christmas Bundle’. I wanted to make them available to MainStage only users, so I have included them in this bundle.

Installing the Complete Worship Bundle Expansion Pack

Installation for MainStage

When you are on the download page for this pack you will notice there are 5 folders. We have broken the samples into 4 folders for ease of download. Before installing the patches please follow the following steps:

Take the 4 sample folders :

Move those 4 folders to "Drop Samples Here" folder under main collection folder:

Once you have moved all the samples you can move on to the install process!

Please refer to these videos for installation instructions:

Ultimate MainStage Collection 4 Walkthrough

Importing and Exporting MainStage Patches


I have mapped the Mod Wheel to a Low Pass Filter inside MainStage’s EXS24 sample player for these patches so you can brighten and mellow them with your Mod Wheel. Note that by default these presets start mellow (Mod Wheel down), so to brighten each patch move your Mod Wheel up or increase the value of whatever midi slide/knob you have set to Ctrl #1. So make sure you’re using your Mod Wheel (or Ctrl #1) when using these patches or you will be missing out on half the sound!

Note that a lot of these patches have tempo specific elements to them as well. So to change the speed of the delays/arps etc simply change the tempo in MainStage under ‘Attributes’ for each patch or use the Tap Tempo button.

I had a lot of fun creating these samples and patches, and I’m pleased that I can finally make them available to you.

Have fun and enjoy ☺

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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