Getting Started with Ultimate Analog Collection 2

Getting Started with Ultimate Analog Collection 2

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Thank you for purchasing Ultimate Analog Collection 2

A comprehensive sample library of one of my favorite analog keyboards, Dave Smith’s OB-6.

In addition to sampling the raw OB-6 sound I also made additional samples by partnering the OB-6 with some of my favorite pedals. I used my BigSky, Line 6 and Moogerfooger pedals to give even more variety to this patch library of sounds. To top it all off I also added some additional Moog Sub 37 samples to the mix so you can get the exact Synth Bass OB6/Moog combination patches used on Hillsong’s Let There Be Light album.

This uniquely designed MainStage template also allows you to have real-time control over ARP/Rhythmic functions, Shimmer Reverb, Sidechain/Pulsing effects etc.

I used the OB-6 on every single song from Hillsong’s Let There Be Light album because I loved the sound so much, so I hope you enjoy the patches as much as I do.


Due to the size of this bundle we have split the samples into 10 different downloads, please make sure you have downloaded all 10 sample folders.

Once you have downloaded all the sample folders and the main concert, drag the samples into the "Drop Samples Here" folder and you should be all set to open your concert!

For more information on where to copy these Samples and how to import and export these patches between MainStage templates and Logic X please refer to this video:

Transferring Patches Between MainStage Templates and Logic Pro X

Using the Ultimate Analog Collection 2

Check out the ‘Ultimate Analog Collection 2 Walkthrough Video’ located on the product page for tricks and tips for using these patches:

NOTE: Most of these patches have the Low Pass Filter pre-mapped to the Mod Wheel (CC1) and will start of very mellow sounding. To brighten each patch up move the Mod Wheel or CC1 up. I’ve intentially set the patches up this way because its how I like to use them, but this feature is easily disabled and is also explained in detail in the walkthrough video (link above).

A lot these patches also have tempo specific elements to them as well. So to change the speed of the Delays/ARPs etc simply change the tempo in MainStage under ‘Attributes’ for each patch or use the ‘Tap Tempo’.

I had a lot of fun creating these samples and patches, and I’m pleased that I can finally make them available to you.

Have fun and enjoy ☺

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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