Getting Started with Ultimate MainStage Collection 2

Getting Started with Ultimate MainStage Collection 2

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Thank you for purchasing Ultimate MainStage Collection 2.

This pack includes 30 MainStage patches broken into 3 main categories:

  • Pads

  • ARP & Rhythmic

  • Lead & Bass.

In addition to these categories, I’ve designed specific MainStage effects with these patches that can also be used with your own MainStage patches as well.

NOTE: Some of these patches are MainStage replicas of my Omnisphere presets found in the ‘Heavenly 1 & 2’ bundles’. But I wanted to make them available to all MainStage users.

There are 5 folders to download for this bundle. Before starting installation, make sure all folders have downloaded and unzipped correctly. Samples are broken into 4 folders for simpler download and installation. Before installing the patches please follow these simple steps:

Find the 4 sample folders:

Move the 4 sample folders to "Drop Samples Here" folder under main collection folder:

Once folders have moved, continue on to the install process!

Installation for MainStage

After dropping the samples in the correct folder, simply open the MainStage concert ‘Ultimate MainStage Collection 2’ and you’re ready to go.

This bundle is packed with sounds and instruments that can be used in Logic Pro X or other MainStage templates as well. Check out the ‘Importing and Exporting MainStage Patches’ video or the for detailed instructions on how to do that:

Using the Ultimate MainStage Collection 2

The Mod Wheel is mapped to a Low Pass Filter inside MainStage’s EXS24 sample player for a lot of the patches. Using the mod wheel will brighten and mellow these patches. Note that by default these presets start mellow (Mod Wheel down), so to brighten each patch move the Mod Wheel up or increase the value of any midi slide/knob set to Ctrl #1.

A lot of patches are programmed to cross-fade between different patches when the Mod Wheel is moved up and down. Make use of your Mod Wheel (or Ctrl #1) when using these patches or you will be missing out on half the sounds!

Changing Tempo in patches:
Note that a lot of these patches have tempo specific elements to them as well. So to change the speed of the delays/arps etc simply change the tempo in MainStage under ‘Attributes’ for each patch.

I had a lot of fun creating these samples and patches, and I’m pleased that I can finally make them available to you.

Have fun and enjoy ☺

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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