Getting Started With Analog 60 for MainStage

Getting Started With Analog 60 for MainStage

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The Juno speaks for itself.

This collection doesn’t have added reverb or effects. Each patch has unique characteristics based on the filter, chorus, and oscillator settings used during sampling.

  • “Wide Open” patches were sampled with the filter all the way open to allow all the analog grit and energy to come through. These are great to use during full band/high energy sections.

  • “Filtered Pad” patches have the filter pulled down enough to feel more like a pad, but still open enough to have that analog edge. These patches bring both thickness and energy to a mix.

  • “Dark Pad” patches have the filter pulled low to create deep, rich tones. These create a massive foundation in a mix, but leave lots of high frequency room above for vocals to sit. These pads are great in down sections where you still want a strong foundation.

Beyond the original.

Because of the way this bundle is sampled you can actually take advantage of some features that the Juno itself can’t offer! A Juno can only play 6 notes at a time, but with these patches you have unlimited polyphony. Also, the Juno is not velocity sensitive. However, these patches allow you to play much more expressively.

Other Notes

  • I’ve set some initial ADSR settings that work well for these patches. However, with slight tweaks they can take on completely different characteristics! So try making adjustments!

  • The Juno chorus has 2 different speeds of modulation. The slower speed I’ve labelled “Chorus 1”, the faster speed I’ve labelled “Chorus 2”. It also has a unique feature where you can press the Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 buttons at the same time so that they’ll work together. You lose the stereo width, but you get a quirky and very fast modulation. I’ve labelled that “Chorus 3”.

  • This bundle includes patches for both MainStage and Logic. This way you can use these sounds in the studio and on stage.

  • The Dark Pad patches don’t have the extreme high range of the other patches. As you pull the Juno filter lower (to get that warm, analog tone) you can actually pull it lower than the high notes on the keyboard. At that point they’re not usable anymore. So on the Dark Pad patches I’ve set the high range to include only the usable notes.


After purchasing Analog 60 you'll want to follow these installation instructions.

Download every .zip folder from your account page.
Unzip each .zip folder
Place the contents of each sample folder into the Sample folder within the Analog 60 bundle folder.

Next, right click on the Analog 60 Complete Bundle concert file and select "Show Package Contents".

In a separate Finder window, navigate to your downloaded Analog 60 bundle, and copy the contents of it's SAMPLES folder to the Samples folder:

Repeat this step, but now copying the contents of the EXS folder to the Sampler Instruments Folder.

Next open the Analog 60 Complete Bundle MainStage concert and enjoy!
Thanks for purchasing!

I hope you find these patches enjoyable and useful! - David Wellman

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