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HOW TO | Use ProPresenter MIDI Cues to automate ProPresenter Templates
HOW TO | Use ProPresenter MIDI Cues to automate ProPresenter Templates

Make sure your lyrics template, slide arrangement, and Production Cues are correctly set up and ready-to-go.

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What are Production Cues?

Production Cues are ready-made MIDI Cues built to trigger ProPresenter lyrics slides in sync with the song in Playback. These cues are exclusive to Playback and available for a large majority of songs in the catalog.

How do I unlock Production Cues?

The Live Bundle is required to use Production Cues in Playback. The corresponding ProPresenter templates and/or Song Specific patches are sold separately.

In order to use Production Cues with a purchased ProPresenter Template, a few setup steps are required.

Prepare your ProPresenter Template

There are two ways to access ProPresenter Templates from You can either purchase physical templates from individually, or templates can be unlocked and imported natively into ProPresenter with the Stage Display Add On.
Note: Physical ProPresenter templates can also be unlocked and downloaded with the Stage Display Add on.

Trying to determine which would work best for you? See 📖Website ProPresenter Templates vs ProPresenter Add-on Templates

  1. Purchase/unlock and download, or directly import a ProPresenter template.
    The lines-per-slide formatting you choose to use will be important when selecting the Production Cues in Playback.
    For information on setting up search in ProPresenter, see:
    📖HOW TO | ProPresenter Lyric and Template Import

    Customize your ProPresenter template before downloading, including the lines-per-slide format.
  2. Import the download file into ProPresenter 6 or 7.
    If downloading the physical template, drag and drop the downloaded template into a playlist or your library.
    If using search, the template will be immediately imported after following the import prompts.

  3. Choose the "Master" slide arrangement. Every ProPresenter template includes two slide arrangements:

    • The Full Song slide arrangement includes every repeated song section throughout the song. This is ideal when using lyrics templates manually: your lyrics operator simply needs to press spacebar and every slide will be in correct order.

    • The Master slide arrangement removes every repeated song section, leading to a much shorter total slide count and enabling Playback to jump from one section to another. The Master is the slide arrangement to enable when using Production Cues in Playback.

    To load the Master, select the "Arrangement" icon and select "Master" like shown in this screenshot:

Load the Song and Cues in Playback

  1. Download the song into your setlist in Playback. MultiTracks, AppTracks, CustomMixes, Accompaniment Tracks, and Playback Rentals will work with the Production Cues and lyric templates.

  2. Load the Production Cues. In Setlist Edit Mode, tap the three dots over the song tile to open the Edit Song Menu. Scroll down to the "lyrics bus" toggle, and select the correct lines-per-format cues for the song.
    NOTE: If you choose to edit Production Cues in Playback, the edited cues will be saved to Cloud and overwrite any existing user cues in the lyric bus.

    Load Production Cues for ProPresenter templates into the lyrics bus through the Edit Song Menu.

Your Production Cues are now loaded and ready to be sent to ProPresenter!

For a detailed walkthrough on routing MIDI to ProPresenter and automating the lyrics, see: 📖MIDI Out: A Tutorial Series

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