For Team Access to ChartBuilder, two subscriptions are recommended: A Chart Pro Subscription for the organization and a ChartBuilder Subscription Seat for each team member.

For Individual Access to ChartBuilder (a single individual not working with a team) , only a Solo Practice Bundle subscription is recommended.

Chart Pro Subscription

The Chart Pro Subscription is recommended for each organization to unlock access to charts in the ChartBuilder app for anyone with a ChartBuilder seat. This gives an entire team ongoing access to customization of the catalog of charts directly in ChartBuilder (for anyone that has a ChartBuilder seat) while the subscription is active. And, also includes access to PDF charts from the website.

NOTE: Chart Pro also includes up to 200 PDF chart unlocks per year (16/month when paying monthly) for unlimited digital PDF chart downloads.

ChartBuilder Subscription

Can also be referred to as ChartBuilder App Seats. Additional access to the ChartBuilder App can be purchased in seats based on the size of your organization. This allows you to give more team members unlimited access to Chart Pro content directly in ChartBuilder.

Alternatively: an organization can purchase charts individually for $2 per song and have access to that from the website forever. Users with a ChartBuilder seat could also access purchased charts in the ChartBuilder app.

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