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How To | Add & Edit MIDI Cues in Playback
How To | Add & Edit MIDI Cues in Playback

Control lyrics, lights, and more by adding MIDI Notes, control change, and program change messages to songs directly in Playback.

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Add MIDI Notes, CC or PC messages anywhere on the timeline in Edit MIDI Cue Mode.

What is MIDI Out?

Playback can control live production alongside purchased, rented, or uploaded MultiTracks to keep your lyrics, lights, and everything else in sync with MIDI Cues. Add MIDI Cues to any song in your Library, and send them out of Playback to control software or musical hardware that receives MIDI Notes, Control Change (CC), or Program Change (PC) messages.

How do I Unlock MIDI Out in Playback?

MIDI Cues can be used in Playback in a couple of ways.

A Cloud Pro Intro subscription or higher unlocks MIDI Cue cloud storage in your account, which means that MIDI Cues added to songs in your library via can be used with any tier of Playback. However, all cue editing and uploading must be done online.

How do I edit my MIDI Cues directly in Playback?

A Playback Pro subscription unlocks creating MIDI Cues directly in Playback, which can be done locally with or without Cloud Pro. Edit any MIDI Cues previously uploaded, or add new cues directly on the timeline. However, saving any MIDI Cues added in Playback to the Cloud for use in other setlists requires Cloud Pro Intro.

WE RECOMMEND: Cloud Pro Plus unlocks MIDI Cue cloud storage and includes a Playback Premium seat, unlocking MIDI Cue editing in Playback.

How to Use MIDI Cue Editing in Playback

Enter the MIDI Cue Edit menu by Long-Pressing the Edit button in Playback.

Add and customize MIDI Cues anywhere on the timeline of the song.

  • MIDI message: Note, CC, or PC

  • Add to any of the 8 available MIDI Buses, which are routable to any connected hardware or network ports

  • Choose the MIDI Cue's relevant value and velocity

  • Choose to disable the cue if the song section is looped (useful for triggering videos, moving backgrounds, etc.)

  • Add an optional description

MIDI Cue Editing in Playback makes MIDI Out easier than ever before.

  • Add (and simultaneously send) lyric cues while listening to the song

  • Quickly scroll through the MIDI Cues on the timeline

  • Adjust the timing of your cues with 16th note nudging

  • Copy cues from one song section to another

Check out this walk-through video to see how easy it is to edit MIDI Cues in Playback!

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