In order to open and access an organizational setlist in Playback a person in our org would need:

  • The proper User Permission level for opening and/or editing the setlist

  • The Required Subscription(s) for accessing the Tracks, Charts, Ambient Pads, etc. included in the setlist and app being used.

User Roles and Permissions

Here's a breakdown of what user roles can do when opening an organization setlist in Playback.

  1. Organization and Team Admins: Open, edit and save to Cloud any Setlist in the organization

  2. Team Leaders: Open, Edit, and Save to cloud any Setlist they are added to on or in ChartBuilder

  3. Team Members: Open and locally edit any Setlists they are added to on or in ChartBuilder. Team members cannot overwrite the saved Cloud version of a shared Setlist.

Visit this article for a deeper breakdown of how to edit user permissions and subscription seats.

Required Subscriptions for Playback Setlists

Members of your organization wishing to use setlists in Playback will have to consider the following subscription seats, based on your organization's needs.

  • To use Track content: each user will need:

    • Team Sharing seat: This subscription unlocks team access to any purchased Tracks products, Ambient Pads, or uploaded cloud songs in Playback

    • Rentals Access: This permission gives a team member permission to use Rentals to unlock tracks on their own device when using a setlist.

Visit this article for a deeper breakdown of user permissions and subscription seat management.

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