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HOW TO | Transfer Account Ownership to a New Admin
HOW TO | Transfer Account Ownership to a New Admin

Learn how to add a new organization admin to your organization and transfer ownership.

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If you're just needing to update the emails on your account, check out our guide here! Otherwise, these steps below will help you get a new admin on your account.

Step 1: Invite new admin to the MultiTracks Organization

Note: If your new admin already has an account for your organization, you can skip to step 2.

  • Head to the People Page of your Multitracks account and click "Add Person."

  • Input the new desired admin's email in the email box and click "Add" to send them an email invite!

  • Have your new admin accept the invite and setup a password for their account.

Step 2: Promote the new admin user to Organization Admin

  • After the new admin has accepted the invite and set up their account, find the same account on the people page. Click the arrow next to their name to open up their account menu and change the role from "Team Member" to "Organization Admin."

  • After the new account is set as an organization admin, you can now choose to change your own role to "team member" or other so that the new admin is the owner of the account.

  • The new admin account can then choose to completely remove the old admin account, if they so choose.

Optional Step 3 (Updating Organization Info)

Updating the Owner Admin of an account will not update other important information on an account. It may also be necessary to update the Organization Info like the Email or name on the account, so that it has the most updated and accurate information.

The organization email can be updated by going to Organization Info under the organization name, and updating the Name, email, and any other info. See more in:
📖Updating Organization and User Emails

If you're having any further trouble, reach out to our support team using the chat icon below! ↘️

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