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Purchasing A CustomMix

A brief guide on purchasing, tweaking, and using a CustomMix for any song in our catalogue.

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CustomMix Overview

Customize and export your own stereo mix from the stems. Create an Accompaniment track from the original stems or a stereo track for live performance. No software required.

Wondering if a CustomMix is the right product for you? Check out our guide on all track products for songs here: Which Track Product is Right for Me?

CustomMix Information

A CustomMix is a stereo audio file that can be used virtually anywhere that can play stereo audio files; including DAWS, Audio Players like Apple Music and Windows Media Player, and even our Playback app! CustomMixes can be natively loaded into the free Playback app to use with any other tracks you own!

CustomMixes are a great way to get a little further customization beyond an accompaniment track. With a CustomMix, you can select any of the 12 keys for the tracks, and then you can turn down or mute certain instruments in the song to build your own custom stereo audio file. If you're wanting more flexibility, and access to even more keys, we'd recommend looking into the AppTracks or full Multitracks.

Additional Information: With a Cloud Po Intro or higher tier subscription, you can download a CustomMix purchase in all 12 keys at no extra cost.

Creating a CustomMix in a Browser

Using a mobile device? Check out the mobile guide here.

  • Visit the song page and navigate to the "CustomMix" tab, or CustomMix tile from the list of track products.

  • Select the key you want your CustomMix in.

  • Using the CustomMix controls, adjust each tracks volume or mute functions to create your preferred mix.

  • Select either "M4A" or "WAV" to purchase the track.

  • Double-check that your mix is set and includes all the changes you've made.
    - Double-check Auto-Pan Settings
    - Double-check the right key is selected
    - Double-check that the stems are turned off or down like you need.

  • Then you can click "I Agree" and export your mix.

Note: The CustomMix will then be processed through our system and you will be notified when it's ready for download. This can take some time based on the number of users also processing mixes at the same time.

You can then download the CustomMix to any computer (or device that can unzip compressed files), or easily access the CustomMix in the Playback App.

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