Our current license is a single-site license, which means that purchased tracks are only covered for a single church location and meeting. There are some options you can choose from to remain in compliance while providing content for worship leaders on your team.

Option 1: Create a separate account for each location.

If you choose to purchase tracks for use during services, having individual accounts for each campus location allows for license compliance as well as control over which tracks are purchased and shared. This also allows for each location to manage its own billing information, team members, and purchase history.

Option 2: Use one organizational account with Playback Rentals

Playback Rentals gives team members in an organization access to the entire MultiTracks.com catalog to rent with 7-day rental credits. Each song rental is tied to a single device, which means that your entire team across every campus can utilize the same Rental subscription and maintain compliance. This option keeps your organization resources and team members centralized in one account while maintaining compliance.

To learn about adding and managing people in your organization, Click here.

For more questions, please reach out to MultiTracks.com/support.

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