How do I change the key and tempo of a song in Playback?

Every subscription of Playback has the ability to change the key and tempo of a song in just a few easy steps.

After a song has been downloaded into your setlist:

1. Tap Edit to enter Setlist Edit Mode

2. Tap the ellipsis icon (three dots) on the song tile to open the Edit Song Menu

3. Tap on the “Key” or “Tempo” cells, and choose the desired change you want to make to the song.

Update the key and tempo of any song in Playback in the Edit Song Menu.

4. Tap “Update” in the top right corner, and the song will be transposed using a high quality pitch/key shifting native plugin.

Playback will transpose the tracks using quality pitch-shifting technology.

Once the shifting process is complete, your tracks are successfully transposed and ready for use! You can shift the key and tempo back to the original arrangement at any time through the same menu.

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