For Cloud Songs to have a click track present in the Playback app, at least one track will need to be designated as the "Click Track." If you're unable to upload an actual audio click track to your cloud song, the Playback app can use one of its' built-in click sounds.

Playback Click Workaround

In order for Playback's built-in click tracks to work, the cloud song must have one audio file designated as the "Click Track." If you are not able to create a click track, you can simply duplicate any stem before uploading to the cloud.
In this example, we've done the following:

  1. Duplicate any stem (ACOUSTIC in this example).

  2. Rename the stem for easy identification.

  3. Zip the folder and upload to the cloud.

4. Make sure "CLICK" is labeled as "Click Track" from the drop-down list of tracks.

Save Changes.

5. The last step is to making sure you have the right Playback click enabled.
Selecting the "Downloaded - Click" form playback, will play the audio from the "CLICK (AG)" audio file we uploaded. We don't want this, as this will play the acoustic guitar audio through both the Click Channel and our already uploaded "ACOUSTIC" stem.

Not hearing the click track in your song?
Check the time codes inputed for any song sections or time-signature changes.
Having any error in Song Section, or Time Signature time codes can cause issues with our click engine. Using a DAW can ensure all timecode information is accurate to the millisecond.

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