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GET STARTED | RehearsalPack from Planning Center
GET STARTED | RehearsalPack from Planning Center

Information around the RehearsalPack integration from Planning Center and

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RehearsalPack is the simplest and most-affordable way to get charts, lyrics, and original-song rehearsal audio for songs in Planning Center Services. Now you can unlock the core resources for your team with a single subscription optimized for organizations utilizing Planning Center Services.

RehearsalPack is a product that can only be used within Planning Center Services. For other solutions and comparisons see:
RehearsalMix vs RehearsalPack and Chart Pro

What is RehearsalPack?

RehearsalPack is a limited Rehearsal and Chart product specifically designed for Planning Center Services. It includes resources from the catalogue including original Chart Pro charts, and the original audio files in from the full RehearsalMix product from

Is RehearsalPack right for me and my ministry?

RehearsalPack is great for ministries or organizations looking to get simple and accurate Charts, and original audio for songs (in all 12 keys) in their Planning Center Services plans.

It's the most simple and affordable way to distribute the original charts, and original audio to a team. RehearsalPack is not aimed at customers who already subscribe to RehearsalMix and/or Chart Pro from

For further chart customizations, and Rehearsal tools for your team, the more integrated RehearsalMix and Chart Pro subscriptions can be used as an upgraded experience compared to RehearsalPack.

Getting Started

If not already signed up, you can sign up on here: RehearsalPack Product Page or directly through your Planning Center account here: Planning Center Song Integrations.
Pricing is based on your Planning Center Services account tier.

Connecting Accounts

If not already connected, Planning Center and accounts will need to connected from the Connected Accounts page on Connected Accounts
More info: Connecting Planning Center accounts Article

Importing RehearsalPack files into Planning Center

Now that accounts are linked, the files can be imported within Planning Center services.
Note: At this step, only the admin that setup the integration will have access to import files. See further below on how to Setup additional admins for importing files.

Files can be imported both to existing songs within the "Add files" menu (left), and when adding a brand new song to your Planning Center library (right).

Simply select the files you'd like to import to the arrangement, or keys you have loaded. You have options for:

  • Arrangement

    • Original song audio in original key

    • Lyric Sheet

  • Keys

    • Original song audio transposed

    • Chords + Lyrics chart.

Setup Additional Admins for Importing Files

The next necessary step in the process would be granting RehearsalPack import access to any additional users on your account, and Planning Center account.

Note: Only profiles importing content will need to have these below permissions and links. Any team member in your Planning Center will have access to imported RehearsalPack Content after the above steps. If utilizing RehearsalMix files as well in Planning Center, refer to Integrating RehearsalMix and Planning center Services.

  1. First, import or invite Planning Center admins to the, to link their Planning Center Profile to a profile. This can be done by any admin on the People Page of your More Info.

  2. After importing and/or linking the admins from, you'll also need to give that profile Chart Pro permissions by checking the "Chart Pro" checkmark underneath the profile info.

    Granting Chart Pro permissions will allow this user to unlock new song charts which deduct from the organization's Chart Pro chart limit. Learn More.

Importing Charts within Planning Center Services requires the Planning Center profile to be an Editor or higher as well as the above requirements. More info.

Now your admins are all setup to import charts within Planning Center Services!

Quick Checklist

In order to import a Chart into Planning Center Services, the Planning Center profile will need to be:

  • Linked to a user/account.

  • Granted Chart Pro permission from

  • Chart Pro Chart credit limit not reached

  • Editor or higher permissions in Planning Center Services

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