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Playback Remote | MIDI Out Options

Information on how to output MIDI from multiple Playback devices, individually or simultaneously.

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With Playback Remote, also comes the ability to output MIDI data from either a Playback host device, or Playback remote device(s).

In Playback Remote workflows, the settings in the "MIDI" tab are device-specific settings, allowing MIDI to be routable from multiple different devices on the network.

Some possible sse-case scenarios would include:

  • Connecting a Playback Remote device to a ProPresenter computer via a short ethernet cable in a tech booth while having the Playback Remote device on stage.

  • Running a Playback Remote session on the ProPresenter computer and transmitting MIDI through the MacOS IAC Driver (Learn More)

  • Guitar, Piano, or keys players utilizing a Playback Remote session on their devices or locally to transmit patch changes and other MIDI data to their devices or hardware.

Routing MIDI out of the Remote device

After setting up the Playback host and remote devices (Learn More), the MIDI settings can then be set for each individual device. To route MIDI out of the remote device simply ensure the device is connected remotely to the host device, and then visit the "MIDI" tab in Settings > MIDI and ensure the MIDI bus is both enabled, and routed to the desired port.

The Playback Remote device will now transmit MIDI data to the selected port! The process can be repeated to send MIDI out from any host or remote device in the session. For additional information on MIDI Out see: MIDI Out Series Collection.

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