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Can I create and share stereo mixes for rehearsal purposes?
Can I create and share stereo mixes for rehearsal purposes?

Why it is against terms of use to use multitracks from to create and share custom-mixed rehearsal files for your team.

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It is against the terms of use and conditions to create and share your own mixes using the multitracks included in track products from This includes activity such as uploading stems or stereo files including stems to any file-sharing or rehearsal service such as Planning Center Services.

The Why:

Creating your own mix utilizing stems from is categorized as a derivative work. Multitracks offered through products are only licensed for live performance use. Sharing backing track files with your team in this way (with the exception of the Team Sharing Playback license) is outside of the license provided by the artists and rights holders and is not in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Playback Team Sharing is a proper solution to license multiple users to have access to purchased track products in the Playback app.

The Solution

As a result of these licensing barriers around multitrack products, we have developed the RehearsalMix solution. The solution to properly license the stems for rehearsal purposes for you and your team. Learn More about RehearsalMix.

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