Playback for Mac | Keyboard Shortcuts

The full list of keyboard shortcuts while using Playback for Mac.

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Note: this is an excerpt from the Playback User Guide.

Playback for Mac supports keyboard hot key controls for the Transport controls and general navigation. Here is the list of the keyboard shortcuts currently available in Playback:

Transport Controls

  • Space Bar = Play/Pause

  • P = Pad On/Off

  • F = Fade In/Out

  • L = Loop

  • I = Infinite Loop

Setlist Navigation

  • Left + Right Arrow Keys = Browse through the song sections, when tracks are playing or paused

  • Return/Enter (while tracks are playing) = Confirm ReOrder to new section

  • Keyboard Numbers

    • While playing = Live Crossfade to corresponding song in setlist

    • While paused = Select corresponding song in setlist

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