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Learn how to start playing live with a click and Tracks, using your iOS device.

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Getting Started with a Click and Tracks

Using tracks software doesn't hinder your worship flexibility, it enhances it. This walkthrough discusses how using a click and running Tracks with the Mac/iOS app Playback can provide powerful tools for building a setlist and directing your team during a time of worship with more flexibility than ever.

What This Video Covers:

  1. How to craft a setlist with Playback

  2. Adjusting individual instrument track volumes

  3. Looping song sections while Tracks are playing

  4. Editing a song arrangement

  5. Offline key/tempo changes

  6. Creating powerful transitions

  7. Using ambient pads and clicks in a setlist

Helpful Links

  • Playback User Guide: Discover everything there is to know about using Playback to run Tracks live

  • Cloud Pro: Learn about how Cloud Pro subscription can enhance your experience in Playback with Production Cues, saved custom song arrangements, and much more.

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