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How to Load Patches in Ableton Live

Install and access your new sounds from within Ableton Live

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Installing Samples

If your purchase doesn't contain multiple Samples folders, skip to the next section.

If your purchase does contain multiple Samples folders, please make sure you download and unzip each one. Once unzipped, simply drag the folders into the Samples folder inside the Ableton Live Project and you're ready to go.

Loading Patches

The included Ableton Live Project will pre-load every patch included in the bundle. If you're like to load the patches into an alternative project:

  1. Open the Ableton Live Project included in your download

  2. Select an Instrument Rack and click on the disk icon to save it to your User Library

  3. Open your desired Ableton Live Project and create a new MIDI Track

  4. Locate the file you saved in Step 2 and simply drag it onto the MIDI track you just created

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