How to Load Patches in Kontakt

Install and access your new sounds from within Kontakt

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To access your new patches inside Kontakt, watch this video or follow the steps below

The easiest way to use your new instrument is to simply drag on drop it from your Mac or Windows file browser, directly into the plugin window.

If you'd like to keep things organised, move your new patches into a folder of your choice, and access them using the Files tab inside Kontakt:

  1. Copy or move the download files into a folder of your choice

  2. Launch Kontakt, and click on the Files tab located just beneath the Kontakt logo

  3. Use the list to browse for the folder you used in Step 1

  4. Click on a patch name and the window below will display it's contents

  5. Drag and drop the patchname.nki file to the workspace on the right

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