Pad/Lead/Bass Essentials for Kontakt

Pad/Lead/Bass Essentials for Kontakt

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Thanks for purchasing the ‘Pad/Lead/Bass Essentials’ pack for Kontakt.

This bundle includes 9 Kontakt Instruments and 3 Kontakt Multis.

The 3 sample sets that make up the soundsource for all of these patches were sampled at 48kHz/24bit for approx. 20 sec each and then looped. Notes were also looped at different time positions to give the most natural cross-fade loop transitions possible.

I have given you these samples/patches in their rawest form, the way that I use them. But feel free to EQ further and add other effects to customise the patches to your personal taste.

Note that some of these Instruments and Multis have tempo specific elements to them. So to change the speed of for example the ‘Take It All ARP’ simply change the tempo in your DAW to the correct bpm for this song, 150bpm.

When you download Pad/Leads/Bass Essentials you will have Four folders: The main patch folder and three sample folders. Before installing into Kontakt you will need to drag the three sample folders into the "Drop Samples Here" folder in your concert. This action ensures that you won't have to keep searching your computer for samples.


Simply copy the folder ‘Pad/Lead/Bass Essentials (Kontakt)’ and it’s contents to any location on your hard drive. Then open Kontakt 5 and find the folder you just copied under the ‘Files’ tab in the top left hand corner. Locate and open the ‘nki’ files for each of the 4 shimmer reverbs that you wish to use and you’re ready to go!

If Kontakt brings up a ‘Samples Missing’ pop-up window simply click on the ‘Search Spotlight’ button to locate samples or the ‘Browse for folder’ button and choose the ‘Samples’ folder that contains these samples in the location you installed them.

NOTE: This product will not work inside the Free Kontakt Player version. Only Kontakt 5 or above.

I had a lot of fun creating these samples and patches, and I’m pleased that I can finally make them available to you.

Have fun and enjoy ☺

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