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HX Stomp: Bass Introduction

Learn how to get the most out of your pedal and patches

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The HX Stomp is revolutionary for your bass tone. The power of this backpack-sized pedal extends beyond what most people are aware of, both in versatility and relevance to your style. The compressors, drives and amp models offer far more than meets the eye, so let's skip the irrelevant technical details and only explore the things that mean something to you and your sound.

This short introductory course includes 5 patches that aim to complement and highlight your natural bass tone, and if at the end of this course you'd like to dig deeper and discover the transformative tone-sculpting possibilities of the pedal, then check out HX Stomp Bass and HX Stomp: Synth Bass.

You'll also find a BASS: STARTUP patch in the bundle which provides a blank levelled patch to quickly get started.

Let's make some noise.


HX Edit

Our first step is to install HX Edit. This is the software used to transfer patches, edit sounds, and create backups of your HX Stomp.

1. Click here for the Line6 Downloads Page

2. Click the middle column named All Software and select HX Edit from the drop- down list. Select Mac or Windows just next to it, and click GO to proceed.

3. The next page will display a list of every HX Edit release to date. Click Get Download at the very top of the page.

4. Login with your details, or create an account if you don't have one.

5. Accept the End User License Agreement by clicking Accept and your download will begin.

6. Follow the steps in your installer and launch the application. You're now ready to connect to your pedal.

Firmware Update

Our first step is to make sure the pedal has the latest firmware installed. The firmware is simply the software inside the pedal, and Line6 release periodic updates to include new effects and performance upgrades.

NOTE: You may want to backup your HX Stomp before updating the firmware. To do this, head to File at the top of your screen and select Create Backup.

Launch HX Edit

  1. Connect your HX Stomp to your computer using a USB cable and power on (Windows users will need to download the HX Stomp driver)

  2. Launch HX Edit

  3. Once inside the application, head to the lower right-hand side of your screen and click Check for Updates

3. Sign in to your Line6 account in the pop up window
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the pedal

Now we're up to date, let's transfer our new patches.

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