Omni 2 Multi Promo

Omni 2 Multi Promo

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This Omnisphere 2 Multi has two different version:

D&B Faceplant – A standard version where all patches are triggered simultaneously.

D&BFaceplant (keyswitch version) - Drums can be triggered separately with this version by hitting key ‘C1’ at the bottom of your midi controller.

These Multis morph and changed as you move the Mod Wheel up and down. So make sure to use your Mod Wheel or CC1 while using this Multi or you’ll be missing out on half of the sound!



First of all make sure your version of Omnisphere 2 is completely up to date and you have downloaded all relevant updates from the Spectrasonics website.

I recommend saving or backing up your product(s) to a different location before installing this product. This will make them easy to re-installation if you have computer trouble or accidentlly delete a product during the installation process.

Installing Patches

Open Omnisphere and click on the ‘UTILITY’ button and select ‘Install .omnisphere’ as seen in the Screenshot below:

Continue to locate your ‘.omnisphere’ for the specific Patch or Bundle you have purchased. Open the file and your installation is complete!

Once again thank you for your support!

All programming, images and text © Peter James Productions 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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