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Installing Youth Revival Sounds for Omnisphere

Installing Youth Revival Sounds for Omnisphere

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Thank you for purchasing Youth Revival Sounds.

A lot of time, effort and creativity has gone into these patches from the Young & Free guys Jack McGrath and Tim Koziol and I’m excited to finally have them in an Omnisphere 2 format!


First of all make sure your version of Omnisphere 2 is completely up to date and you have downloaded all relevant updates from the Spectrasonics website.

I recommend saving or backing up your product to a different location before installing them. This will make them easy to re-installation if you have computer trouble or accidentally delete a product during the installation process.

Installing Patches

Open Omnisphere and click on the ‘UTILITY’ button and select ‘Install .omnisphere’ as seen in the Screenshot below:

Continue to locate your ‘.omnisphere’ for the specific Patch or Bundle you have purchased. Open the file and your installation is complete!

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