Getting Started with Living Room Sounds

Getting Started with Living Room Sounds

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Thank you for purchasing Living Room Sounds.

Living Room Sounds gives you access to a range of multi-layered keyboard sounds suitable for your worship team in a living room environment. Delicate pianos, bright bells and simple drum beats are all pre-mapped to our StageReady template to allow you to fill out your sound whilst performing with just one keyboard player.

Simply set the key you wish to play in and use your left hand to play octaves which trigger rich melodic patterns, chords and even drum beats.

The patches and channel strips included in Living Room Sounds will work in any MainStage concert, but the transposition mappings, level controls and performance functions will only be available inside StageReady due to the fact that concerts vary depending on who designed them.

1 - Understanding Living Room Sounds

Living Room Sounds includes 12 multi-layered patches which allow you to play up to 6 different sounds using only one keyboard and control the overall sound at just the touch of a button.

Use the 'On' button to bring different layers in throughout the song. We recommend mapping these buttons to an external MIDI controller to make it even easier. StageReady is pre mapped for the Korg NanoKontrol, so you can just plug and play!

Each patch is built in the key of C major. This means that all the Chord Triggers and automatic patterns will only trigger if you play in the key of C. Simply use the 'Transpose' function inside StageReady to choose the key you would like to play in. If you aren't using StageReady, you'll need to edit the triggers yourself in the mixer.

2 - Loading a patch

The download includes the patches saved as an entire set or as individuals which can be dragged directly into the template. We recommend opening the 'set' files to explore the patches for the first time followed by saving the individuals to your library in order to access them as you need them.

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