The All-In-1 Helix Bundle by Tyler Logan is essential in every Helix owner's patch arsenal. This bundle includes 20 different blocks consisting of amps & cabs, effects and EQ's optimized for live performance. Tyler's approach when creating this bundle was to have a performance ready patch that could cover any musical genre or need from Praise & Worship to Top 40 to Rock & Roll.

The All-In-1 Helix Bundle also doesn’t require any additional IR’s. Simply load this patch into your Helix and start creating. Experience a new sound today!

Installing via HX Editor

  • Open HX Editor. If you haven't downloaded the editor follow this link

  • Import the .HLX file included when you downloaded the bundle from to HX Editor

  • Drag and drop new All-In-1 bundle into the presets folder of your choice on your Helix

  • Enjoy your new tones!

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