Getting Started with Mellow Pianos from Peter James

Getting Started with Mellow Pianos from Peter James

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Thank you for purchasing Mellow Pianos.

When you are on the download page for this pack you will notice there are 5 folders and an install manual. We have broken the samples into 4 folders for ease of download. Before installing the patches please follow the following steps:

Take the 4 sample folders:

Move those 4 folders to "Drop Samples Here" folder under main collection folder:

Once you have moved all the samples you can move on to the install process below!

Using Mellow Pianos


Simply open the MainStage concert ‘Mellow Pianos’ and you’re ready to go.


The quickest way to copy these patches and add them to another MainStage or Logic X template is to click on the ‘cog’ like symbol in the top left corner of MainStage and save each Patch (or Set) as seen in the screenshot below. They will then show up in the ‘Patch Library’ Tab at the bottom of MainStage in ‘User Patches’.

You will then need to save the ‘Bus’ effects that were used with that patch. You can do this and also save whole channel strips by going to the ‘Setting’ button at the top of the channel strip you want to copy and hit “Save as Channel Strip Setting…” Then you can add this saved channel strip to any other MainStage/Logic X concert by going to the saved channel strip under “User Channel Strip Settings”.

If you are still having trouble after viewing the screenshot instructions, please contact our support team.

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