Getting Started with MainStage Template by Peter James

Getting Started with MainStage Template by Peter James

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Thank you for purchasing MainStage Template by Peter James.

MainStage Template Walkthrough

MainStage Template/Tutorial Video

This pack includes the exact MainStage Template I’m currently using at Hillsong Church. It also includes an 1 ½ hour long tutorial walkthrough video that walks you through my entire setup and gives you an insight into how and why I’ve setup my template this way. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to include all the patches that are being made available for purchase on for obvious reasons, but I have specified exactly which patches are being used where in the Patch List and Tutorial video walkthrough.

I have included specific 3rd party patches and presets exclusive to this template for the following 3rd party companies

Software Synths & Effects

Spectrasonics – Omnisphere/Trilian

Native Instruments – The Giant

Imperfect Samples – Fazioli (Ebony Grand)

Scarbee Rhodes

UVI – Retro Organs

UVI – Apollo





Slate Digital



Ohm Force



Audio Ease


I understand that not everyone will have all the same 3rd party plugins that I have, so when opening my MainStage template you will probably get a series of error messages telling you that you don’t own specific plugins and effects included in this template. That is to be expected and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve included an 1 ½ hour long tutorial video. This way you can see all the 3rd party plugins I’m using and their settings so you can replicate them with whatever plugins you do own.

NOTE: If anyone is interested in what I have loaded into my NI Reaktor5 Plugin on ‘Bus1’ here the link I downloaded it from:

Copying the patch to another template

The quickest way to copy these patches and add them to another MainStage or Logic X template is to click on the ‘cog’ like symbol in the top left corner of MainStage and save each Patch (or Set) as seen in the screenshot below. They will then show up in the ‘Patch Library’ Tab at the bottom of MainStage in ‘User Patches’.

You will then need to save the ‘Bus’ effects that were used with that patch. You can do this and also saving whole channel strips by going to the ‘Setting’ button at the top of the channel strip you want to copy and hit “Save as Channel Strip Setting…” Then you can add this saved channel strip to any other MainStage/Logic X concert by going to the saved channel strip under “User Channel Strip Settings”.

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