Getting Started with Vocal Synths for MainStage

Getting Started with Vocal Synths for MainStage

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Thank you for purchasing Vocal Synths for MainStage.

Vocal Synths is a collabortion project from Peter James and Daniel Ferguson. This vocal synth sample library boasts a massive 640 patches and tens of thousands of indivdual samples that make up everthing from aggressive Young and Free style pop vocal leads to warm ethereal pads and everything in between all created from Male and Female vocal recordings unique to this product!


After downloading the product in full watch this short install video showing where to put the various patches, ‘.exs’ files and samples so you can access them from any MainStage or Logic template:

Using Vocal Synths

Check out the ‘Vocal Synths Walkthrough Video’ also located on the product page for additional tricks and tips for using these patches:

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