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What are Download Expirations on
What are Download Expirations on

A brief overview of the download expirations for all purchases from

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Each product purchased on the website is available to download an unlimited number of times, for 48 hours after the first initial download.
As stated in the terms of use, when the 48 hour window concludes, the end user is responsible for storing and maintaining the content on their own device(s) or in a cloud storage service, as long as it's only for archival purposes, and not for sharing (Terms of Use Section 2). Cloud storage services can be used for the storage of files but NOT for the sharing of files, as that violates our terms and conditions.

Download expirations are not applicable to the Playback app, as all purchased content is always accessible from the cloud in Playback; regardless of Cloud Pro subscription status.

Removing Download Expirations for all purchases

One of the features of Cloud Pro* (*not including Cloud Pro Basic) is the removal of all download expirations from purchases, so they can be downloaded whenever needed from This Cloud Pro subscription is intended for customers needing regular (weekly) access to content from the catalogue.

If your download has failed, or content was not retrieved successfully from during the initial 48 hour window, the support team can assist in getting access to your purchased content.

Contact support using the chat on the bottom right of our website, or by email at

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