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HOW TO | Download Purchases from

How to download purchased content from

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After making a purchase of downloadable content on, you'll then be able to download your product directly from our website. Note, some purchases may be better downloaded directly in the free Playback app!

All purchasable products from are digital and will be available for download after purchase. We do not currently ship any CDs or physical products.

Depending on your product type you've purchased, you'll be able to either download it from the website immediately, or the Playback app. Two products that are fairly unique on

  • CustomMix purchases will need to be processed and mixed after purchase so may take 2-10 minutes to process and be available for download from the site or in Playback.

  • AppTrack purchases are not available for download on the website, and are only available in the Playback app directly.

Generally, ALL other purchases will be available for immediate download from the website.

How to Download purchases from

You can download your purchase from the page directly after purchasing, or you can find all of your purchases directly on your account under "Downloads."

Find your product on the downloads page and then select "Download" to begin your download!

Mobile Device:

Downloading track products is usually best done on a computer, or using the free Playback app for iPhones and iPads.

If needing to download the file directly to a mobile device, we recommend either downloading from a desktop computer and then transferring to your mobile device, or use the mobile device to Request The Desktop site in your mobile browser. (Android Info / Apple Info)

And then use an app that can open the downloaded zip files (Apple phones can unzip with the “files” app). (More info)

If wanting to learn more about how to load songs into Playback, see: Adding songs to setlists in Playback.

My download says it's expired

All downloadable content from the website includes download expirations. Basically, this means the downloads have a 48 hour download that's activated after the first download attempt for that specific track product or key. For this reason, we recommend storing your downloaded product somewhere on your device, or on an external storage device to keep it for future reference.

If regular access to the purchased content is required week to week, and storing all files locally isn't an option, download expirations can be removed with Cloud Pro INTRO or higher.

Attn: Cloud Pro Basic DOES NOT include the removal of download expirations.

If you're needing access to a particular file that you were not able to get downloaded due to an issue, and it's expired, reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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