Thank you for purchasing Mars Pads: Stage 3.

Mars ambient pads is an incredible collection of ambient pads for the Nord Stage 3 keyboard. Whilst Nord enjoys some stunning factory sounds, it’s long missed out on some of the features Mainstage and Ableton users enjoy. This bundle gives the Nord player 8 different ambient pads designed to work seamless with the Nord user interface.

These sounds take use of the sample engine in the Nord synth section. Once loaded into the keyboard with the Nord Sound Manager you’ll find that each ambient pad is mapped from C1-C2, giving you a continuous pad drone in every key. We’ve created programs which take use of ‘Panel B’, allowing ‘Panel A’ to remain open for any other sounds you’d like to use.

Simply load the preset, press the note of the key of your pad drone and then move to Panel A where you can continue to play your Nord as normal.

We’ve built the presets to be as easy and seamless to use as possible, but you can get as creative as you want with the following options we’ve pre-mapped:

Low pass filter - set fully open, ready to use if you desire
Delay - set subtly
Reverb - set subtly
Effect 1 - autopan, set to bypass but ready to engage
Effect 2 - chorus, set to bypass but ready to engage
EQ - set flat, ready to use if you desire

Included in this bundle is:

JP Shimmer
Juno Jimmer
Moving Shimmer
String Wash
Vintage Shimmer


  • Connect your Nord Stage 3 via USB to your computer

  • Open the Nord Sound Manager

  • Select the sample library tab

  • Drag all 8 .nsmp3 files into the window, loading these into your Nord

  • Select the program tab

  • Drag all 8 .ns3f into the window, loading these into your Nord


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