Getting Started with MKII Stage 73 - Ableton Live 10

Getting Started with MKII Stage 73 - Ableton Live 10

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Thanks for purchasing my MKII Stage 73 bundle for Ableton!

This product contains presets and samples from my Rhodes MKII Stage 73. There are 8 velocity layers sampled for every note, so it’s very dynamic and playable! I’ve included both an Intro and Suite template, as well as Plus versions for those of you that have the Valhalla plugins.


When you open the template for the first time, you will see a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen. Click on that to locate the samples.

This menu will open on the right side of Ableton. Click “Set Folder” and locate the samples.

Then, click “Go”.

All the samples should now be located. Click “Ok” and then save the template.

Have fun and enjoy!

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