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Can I use Tracks in my cover songs?
Can I use Tracks in my cover songs?

Information around proper use of products from

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Please refer to the Terms of Use for the full information.

Tracks offered through track products are only permitted for use as backing tracks in live worship services.
Tracks offered through are not permitted or licensed for use in any commercial release and/or promotional release which includes (but is not limited to) partial or full song performances posted to any Digital music service (Also know as digital streaming provider; DSP) and/or cover songs posted to any DSP (such as YouTube, Spotify, etc) or embodied on any physical format record (such as vinyl, CD or cassette tape).


  • Tracks offered through
    Any backing-track product from the catalogue (Example: MultiTracks, AppTracks, CustomMixes, Accompaniment tracks, Playback Rentals, etc.).

  • Digital Music Service / DSP (Digital Streaming Service):
    Any digital outlet, such as music download portals, music and video streaming services, mobile music platforms, digital (and terrestrial) radio stations, digital (and terrestrial) television networks, and mobile networks (Ex. YouTube, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, etc.)

  • Commercial Release:
    Means the sound recording has been legally offered to the public for sale, download, stream, or other method of public consumption, via a music retailer or digital music service.

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