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Worship Pads bundles come with seven different sounds that were recorded in each key for variety and flexibility.

These 8 minute long audio files can be used in a variety of different ways:

As ambient pad drones to fill out a worship song,

As a transition tool to bridge gaps between songs,

A soundscaping tool for live performance.

This Bundle captures the unique tone Brazilian guitar player Henrique Garcia uses for albums and tours both with Worship and Secular artists.

Because they are not tempo specific, they can be used at any bpm and time signature, in any key you need. They've been crafted musically to work equally well in songs that are in Major or Minor keys.

This bundle requires no additional software and can be used in any DAW, or played from your smartphone or any other audio playback device that accepts WAV. It is also available on Playback, through the Pads menu.

What's included:

  • 7x WAV files for all 12 keys

  • Also available in MP3 format

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