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Where can I find the fonts for ProPresenter Templates?
Where can I find the fonts for ProPresenter Templates?

How to install the free Google font options used in ProPresenter templates.

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ProPresenter templates on offer 4 different font options: Arial, Oswald, Montserrat, and Lora. These fonts are free Google fonts, installable on both MacOS and Windows computers. In order to successfully use these fonts in the ProPresenter Template downloads, you will need to install them on the computer running ProPresenter.

Where can I download these fonts?

If these four fonts are not currently installed on your computer, first open the links included below for each font:

Once you have opened each font homepage, Download the Font Family.

on, click "Download Family" in order to download the full font on your computer.

Install the Fonts on the ProPresenter Computer

Once the font folder is installed on your computer, open the folder where you will see multiple .ttf files. Double click on each .ttf file, and click on the "Install Fonts" button. Repeat this step for each .ttf file included in the font download.

Double click on each .ttf file, and "Install font" which makes these fonts available for any word-editing software including ProPresenter.

Once these fonts are installed, import your downloaded ProPresenter templates into ProPresenter 6 or 7 and the chosen font during template export will be selected in ProPresenter.

For any other questions about your ProPresenter templates, check out

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