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Getting Started with Vintage Oyster Drums
Getting Started with Vintage Oyster Drums

Getting Started with Vintage Oyster Drums

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Thank you for purchasing Vintage Oyster Drums.

Vintage Oyster Drums is an incredible collection of multi-sampled, mixed, ready to use acoustic drum samples. Recorded with some of the most iconic drums ever produced, captured with a selection of boutique and industry standard microphones, preamps and compressors. These powerful sounding drums will create the perfect foundation for your production, live stream, mix or front of house mix.

This bundle contains 384 WAV samples that you can load in to your sampler, SPDS, or DAW to use as samples, drum doubling, and drum replacement. One of my favorite uses when recording is to keep the recorded overhead mics, but double or replace the recorded drums with these samples.

To help you stay creative, each drum has 6 different mix options:

  • Dry (close mics only)

  • Natural (close mics and overheads)

  • Big (close mics, overheads and both sets of room mics)

  • Rooms 1 (first set of room mics only)

  • Rooms 2 (second set of room mics only)

  • Plate (EMT-style reverb)

You can choose to blend the samples for your perfect sound, or use my favourite ‘Big’ mix for instant gratification.

Included in the bundle:

  • Vintage Ludwig 22” Kick

  • Vintage Ludwig 13” Rack Tom

  • Vintage Ludwig 16” Floor Tom

  • Modern Truth 24” Kick

  • Modern Truth 13” Rack Tom

  • Modern Truth 16” Floor Tom

  • Vintage Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 6.5”

  • Vintage Ludwig Acrolite 14 x 5”

  • Vintage Tama Bell Brass 14 x 6.5”

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