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Getting Started with Eclectics Drums Part 1
Getting Started with Eclectics Drums Part 1

How to use Eclectics Drums by Isaac Gonzales

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Eclectics Drums Part 1 is a collection of drum samples which have been used across Jesus Culture live streams and studio albums. Isaac’s collaboration with engineers and producers in the industry has led him to introduce one of his friends and partners in the business - Mixing Engineer and Producer Aaron Brohman.

What's Included

- 48kHz/24bit WAV files

- 154 individual drum sample recordings created using 1 Kick Drum, 5 different Snare Drums and 3 different Toms

- Raw files for any sampler, drum pad, drum trigger and sample replacement tools.

- Steven Slate Drum Trigger Presets

Product Description and Usage

Your download includes two folders - Samples and Steven Slate Trigger Presets.

The Samples folder includes all 154 drum samples separated by drum type. Simply drag and drop these into any software to get started, or send them to your drum pad for use live.

The Steven Slate Trigger Presets folder contains all the preset files for the Steven Slate Trigger software. Simply launch the software and open these files, and you'll find the sample pre-loaded and mapped.

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